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Greg and Gwen Sowder | Thursday, October 1, 2009

"My wife and I would like to express our appreciation of Mike LaBeth. This past summer we decided to list our home for sale and move to Kansas City. Our timing was somewhat suspect with the economic recession that our nation found itself in. This did not daunt Mike; he agreed to take our listing on with enthusiasm.

We found Mike to be the ultimate professional. He was very professional in his approach, and methods of marketing our home. Mike kept us informed weekly as to progress, or suggestions of things he wanted to try in order to help us sell our house. The economic crisis of the summer caused Mike to explore and suggest many new or non-traditional methods to stimulate interest in our home. Mike was very innovative and positive in his approach during this difficult time for real estate. Through it all Mike maintained a positive attitude and approach which was comforting to us.

When the offer came through, Mike gave us a very understandable presentation of the details, and immediately switched into service mode to help facilitate and expedite the closing process. Because of Mike’s assistance the closing went off timely and without a hitch. Mike LaBeth helped us achieve our goal to relocate to Kansas City during this very difficult time in the real estate market. He was the ultimate professional and saw the deal through to the end. Not only did he help us to sell our home so that we could realize our goal to relocate, Mike also demonstrated his personal caring and hard work ethic. My wife and I feel the best end result for us was that we gained a trusted friend; we would recommend Mike to anyone with no reservations.

Mike will deliver all that he promises, and be very professional throughout the process."


Jason and Karen Skoch | Friday, May 1, 2009

"My husband and I were newlyweds and living in different states at the time we learned we were moving to Kirksville. We communicated with Mike through email and phone calls regarding houses we had interest in. We came to Kirksville for one week a month before we were planning to move. Mike was so attentive to our needs in those few days that we found a house! Since we were out of state, he handled everything in preparation for our closing, such as inspection appointments. Mike was extremely helpful throughout the entire process and we are truly grateful that he was our realtor!"


John and Andrea O'Brien | Friday, May 1, 2009

"My husband and I were looking at building a house when a 2-year-old house that met our needs was on the market. Mike LaBeth was the listing agent, and was very accommodating to our busy schedules for arranging times to view the house and meet for other questions. Knowing up front that we were just looking at floor plans since we wanted to build a house, Mike took this time to ask us about our family's needs and what we wanted in our next house instead of pushing to just sell a house that may not meet our expectations or desires. It was really important to him that we find our dream house, and not just purchase one that fit our needs.

After arranging to look at the existing house and the spectacular location, we decided to forego our plans to build and make a bid on the existing house. After receiving the bid acceptance, we were so happy with Mike's professionalism and knowledge that we listed our house for sale through him versus going through another agent we knew. Mike provided information about current selling prices for houses like the one we then needed to sell, and gave his professional opinion about how to sell the house. Although we realize it is somewhat unusual, our house was on the market for two days before we had a bid that we were happy with and accepted!

Since it had been eight years since we'd bought our first house and we had never sold a house before, Mike patiently and very honestly explained the buying and selling process to us so that there were not any unpleasant surprises, and diligently kept us notified of any important information that was pertinent to the sale of the houses. He provided us with timely notifications of our responsibilities, and arranged for the logistical details to be handled, with our permission. He is an expert in all the things that most people do not understand about buying and selling a house, and was very helpful in making our home-buying and home-selling experience a wonderful one. We are very grateful to Mike and his dedication toward customer service and satisfaction, his utmost integrity and professionalism, and the friendship that resulted from our business relationship."


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